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We Want You!

Your Value Doesn’t Diminish Because Of Someone’s Inability To See Your Worth


Better Together

We are building a team of like-minds who aren't afraid to push the boundaries of what's possible. Together, we work hard, collaborate constantly, lift one another up, and challenge each other without fear.  We also believe that a round of high-fives is a great way to end meetings.

Open Positions

Rule breaker, those who question, misfits, straight-A students who skipped classes. All are welcome.
  • Business Partner (Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar)

    Job Description
    • Acquiring new merchants in SMB (Small Medium Business) area for TADA
    • Leading acquiring sales team members to reach the target, solving problems, responsible to quality checking the merchants on board, and maintaining the merchant’s satisfaction
    • Meet and exceed sales KPI targets: number of merchants acquired, GMV acquired, increase partner’s GMV
    • Establish sales objective by forecasting and developing quarterly sales quota
    • Coordinate with the head of commercial team in Jakarta

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  • Sales Development Representative

    Job Description
    • Canvassing around a targeted area to win potential customers
    • Generate new business opportunities to fuel the sales pipeline and be responsible to achieve aggressive weekly targets
    • Maintain a high level of attention to detail in managing all respective sales activities (notes, follow-up, email, call reports)
    • Provide online product demonstration to prospective clients
    • Build specific product knowledge and understand the market to add value to customers

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  • Finance Operation Manager

    Job Description

    • Monitor day to day financial operation within the Company relate with cash-in flow and cash-out flow
    • Monitor the budget process on Monthly Basis
    • Monitor the aging receivable and collection
    • Recommend cost-reducing solutions
    • Maintain and improve financial policies and procedure of the Company within finance area
    • Liaise with auditors to ensure appropriate monitoring of company finances is maintained.
    • Correspond with various other departments, discussing relate with finance matters.

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  • Public Relation Manager

    Job Descriptions:

    • Writing and producing press releases and company statements
    • Handling public inquiries from medias, and other media outlets and responding correspondingly.
    • Create and attend related event
    • Media and market research analysis the data within our industry and communication
    • Developing existing network to partner with local media coverage outlets and work on the best timing practices to release information
  • Nodejs Backend Developers

    Job Description

    • The developer will be responsible for supporting and developing Node.js microservice modules and shared libraries to support core business functions
    • Interface with third party APIs
    • Assist and guide others technically through collaboration and pair programming.
    • Troubleshoot, identify and resolve advanced issues in a timely manner.

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  • Content Strategy Specialist

    Job Description:

    • Analyzing Company needs and suggest a new idea in term of content strategy planning
    • Coordinate with marketing and design team to produce a new concept
    • Design and develop the concept through digital marketing/projector video mapping
    • Able to produce and write the contents through our various channels.

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