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Referral Marketing

Automate and digitalize the old-school referral reward scheme to increase your customer retention with our platform. You can easily reward your existing customer base for referrals and watch your sales grow!

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Referral Marketing Program TADA
Reduce your sales budget
With our referral platform, you can now focus on generating leads with lower cost through your satisfied customers.
Referral Marketing Program TADA
Create new sales channels
Generate better marketing ROI by creating a new sales distribution channel to increase visit and transaction.
Referral Marketing Program TADA
Snowball effect
Expand your customer base with referral rewards to strengthen your brand advocacy.

Our referral feature list

Member Get Member

Leverage your existing customers as your brand advocates that drive sales.

The Member Get Member program by TADA will incentivize existing customers who bring their friends to join the program and become a member too.

Our platform will enable your customers to easily share their auto-generated referral links with unique url codes for easy tracking. No more hassle in growing your customer base!

Referral Marketing Program TADA
Referral Marketing Program TADA
Member Get Leads

We have essentially built a marketing platform that automates word of mouth marketing for your business. The Member Get Leads program offers a reliable and sustainable customer acquisition mode by driving leads generation through customer or member networks.

With TADA unified platform, members will be empowered and motivated to share their reference as leads to your business. And once they successfully bring in new leads, our platform will enable you to distribute incentives to them in just a few clicks.

Our smart dashboard allows you to easily monitor, analyze the results and performance of your existing customers, as well as the leads sourced through them.

Getting new leads made easier with TADA!

Member Get Customer

Build better brand credibility, higher conversion and reduce cost of customer acquisition with our Member Get Customer program.

Our program enables members to get incentives by selling your products or services to their network.

Your members can easily choose the product or services that they would like to market in their networks and easily share their unique url codes across a wide array of channels.

Referral Marketing Program TADA
Referral Marketing Program TADA
Social Commerce

Take advantage of social media to grow your business through TADA Social Commerce Program!

This program enables your company to recruit resellers as franchisers. The resellers will promote and use the brand's catalog to get new customers and earn commission.

At TADA, we make sure that all parties; brands, resellers and buyers will get their own benefits. Brand gets new customers and sales, reseller earns commission from their referral link and buyer gets to buy the product at lower price.

You will have full control of incentive distribution, tracking as well as performance analysis with our unified dashboard.

Supercharge your business growth with referral program

Harness the power of social media

TADA empowers brands with a private commerce platform for your customers, so they can easily pick the products and share their special deals with referral links to their network through social media.

Referral Marketing Program TADA
Referral Marketing Program TADA
Wide range of rewards selections

TADA provides your brand a seamless integration with our loyalty API for a wide range of rewards selections to incentivize your referral. We offer easy rewards redemption and real-time reports for you.

Drive more sales through community

Bring more revenue to your business by allowing your referral to sell your product easily and attractive rewards. TADA has successfully helped a client achieve 4x ROI in 4 months through this program.

Referral Marketing Program TADA

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