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  • Advocacy Marketing

    Turn word of mouth into your best sales channel. Get your loyal customers to sell your products and services to their friends in exchange for rewards.

    • Membership Referral
    • e-Voucher Referral
    • Sell To Your Friend
    • Social Share

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  • Digital Rewards
    • Rewards marketplace API
    • E-gift card
    • Rewards Link
    • Branded Corporate Card

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  • Membership
    • Membership tiering and VIP
    • Review & Ratings
    • Perks Engagements
    • Multiple campaign choices
    • Measurable ROI
    • Members management
    • Reservations
    • Marketing Automation
    • Built-in: Advocacy Marketing & Digital Rewards modules

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  • TADA Insight

    Turn members feedback and behavior into actionable insights

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