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All-in-one customer retention platform that empowers businesses to retain and engage one time customers into ongoing repeat customers.

Membership & Subscriptions

Keep customers engaged in long-term relationships with on-brand point collection or subscription programs to encourage repeat visits and personalized engagement.

Referral & Reseller

Turn word of mouth into your best sales channel. Get your loyal customers to sell your products and services to their family and friends anytime in exchange for rewards.

Digital Rewards

Easily create, send, and manage digital rewards that people want. Integrate a powerful rewards catalog in your offering to build engagement.


Digital Membership & Subscriptions

Popular Features

check-circle@2x Auto Payment

check-circle@2x Referral Marketing

check-circle@2x Automated E-voucher generation

check-circle@2x Smart Campaign Choices

check-circle@2x Perks & Engagements

check-circle@2x Informations & Promotions

check-circle@2x Membership Tiering

check-circle@2x Cashier Incentive Management

check-circle@2x Analytics & Insights



Referral & Reseller

Popular Features

check-circle@2x E-Voucher Referral

check-circle@2x Sell To Your Friend

check-circle@2x Share Your Content


Digital Rewards

Popular Features

check-circle@2x Marketplace API

check-circle@2x E-gift Card

check-circle@2x Rewards Link

check-circle@2x Corporate Card



Retention Intelligence - Insights by TADA

Our platform module is powered by machine learning algorithms. We deliver fresh actionable insights about your member’s behavior. This data is based on member transactions, actions taken, engagement, their preferences, and how similar members behave.


"With the help of TADA we can focus more on acquiring new members to visit our beauty clinic and get updated on our in house promotion. Not only that, our customers are more excited to collect their points than the previous stamps on a physical card that had its weakness: it could be lost. We are happy because the digital point collection is something that is most appreciated by our customers now as it enables them to redeem our free treatments easily."
Theo - NMW Clinic
Theodorus Daniel, Director of Marketing
NMW Skin Care
"Before working together with TADA, our customer return rate wasn't good enough. TADA's development team has been very helpful. We can now analyze our customer behavior and maintain our customer return rate. Don't waste your time developing your own loyalty program just simply use TADA to develop and manage it"
Edwin - SourSally
Edwin Gunawan, Head of Brand.
Sour Sally
"TADA has given us the ability to reach and engage our customers in entirely new ways. And the collaboration has also allowed us to learn new things that we don't usually pick up within our own industry."
Wahyu Rizky - Maybank
Wahyu Rizky, Head of Retail Analytics & Business Performance
Maybank Indonesia
"Prior to collaborating with TADA, we had the difficulty in communicating with all our outlets which are automotive repair shops dispersed all over Indonesia. Rewarding them also a tedious and time-consuming process. After collaborating with TADA, we saw a big improvement in terms of efficiency in rewarding our outlets as TADA provided a more systemized digital solution with greater flexibility and choice to reward our outlets. Outlets can redeem their incentives to an array of options such as gold bar, travel, electronics etc with redemption catalog powered by TADA"
Sapto Widiartono
Sapto Widiartono, Sales Operation & Trade Marketing Manager
Federal Oil

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