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We Believe in Customer Retention and Helping your Business to Grow is our Mission


What is TADA

TADA is a data-driven Customer Retention Platform (CRP), which is built upon the fact that businesses should be actively investing on customer retention rather than just focusing on acquiring customers. TADA empowers businesses to double their profit per customer through smart assessment and consultation of your business and provision of the best solution such as Digital Membership, Subscription, Referral & Digital rewards.

Our Mission

To help businesses double your profit per customer through our customer retention platform (CRP). We believe a business will prosper when closer relationships are formed between their key stakeholders and managed in a sustainable way that creates a win-win scenario for all.

Our Vision

To create a truly-global product. Truly global meaning that a bakery in Argentina can use us, an ice cream shop in Malaysia can use us, a multi-national bank in Jakarta can use us and so on … I think you get the idea!


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