Tada Employee Engagement Program

Increase productivity by 21% with a highly-engaged workforce

Our Data-driven Employee Engagement Platform improves people culture and employee engagement across industry verticals. It drives employee commitments to align with company goals better. Our platform helps your organization drive digital initiatives make employees feel engaged, recognised, and rewarded leading to higher employee retention

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Nurture a culture of high performers through personalized rewards and engagements

Employee engagement

Personalized employee engagement has never been easier!
With our data-driven employee engagement platform, now you can build a program to engage with your employees anywhere, anytime, 24/7 from their smartphone or desktop.

Our white label solutions offer easy set up for a branded app or website with a wide array of perks & benefits beyond the salary.
The platform also allows you to leverage insight from our unified dashboard to build a highly-engaged workforce.

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
Employee Referral

Easily attract top talents through our Employee Referral platform. Empower your workforce to be your brand ambassadors with our gamified incentive driven platform.
TADA automates referral link sharing to easily kep track of your employee referrals throughout the hiring pipeline.It’s the game changer for your hiring process!

With our platform, employees are incentivized to refer more candidates, track their referred candidates, check their points and redeem it with various rewards of your choice.

Employee reseller platform

Empower your employees to sell for your brand and get rewarded through our automated points earning mechanism.

Our single view dashboard allows easy tracking leads generation, the number of transactions done and commissions. So now you can leverage your employee as your brand’s influencer by sharing brand’ deals through different social channels.

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
Employee Gifting

Keep your employees feel special and engaged with personalized gifts.

With our platform, you can now arrange all employee gifting in one dashboard that will automatically trigger gifts at various stages to individuals, teams and even the whole organization in a few clicks.

ou may also offer a gift of choice from your hand picked gift catalog. Gifting your employees has never been easier!

Employee Gets Employee

Harness the power of your employee’s network to source great candidates for your company.

Our platform enables employees to have access to open vacancy lists with trackable links. They can easily share it through social media and track their incentives for different stages of the recruiting process directly within your ecosystem.

Employee Engagement

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